Three white Bengal tiger cubs sit in a cage at Buenos Aires’ Zoo.

White tiger is a rare and nearly extinct species. There are only approximately 240 white tigers in the world. Hence, the birth of Bety’s two female and a male tiger babies in Buenos Aires Zoo has attracted public attention to this joyful event. Bety is a captive white Bengal tiger.

Buenos Aires Zoo is organising a naming contest for these three tiger cubs. Thousands of suggested names for the cubs have been sent to the organiser. The winners of the contest will be determined in a few months’ time. They will become the “Godparents” to the cubs and get a free year-long pass to visit their godson and goddaughters.

Bety, a female white tiger, holds one of her three 45 days-old cubs at the Buenos Aires Zoo

A white Bengal tiger cub touches the glass inside a cage at Buenos Aires’ Zoo

Two white Bengal tiger cubs play in a cage

A white Bengal tiger cub is held by a caretaker as children watch at Buenos Aires’ Zoo