A beautiful body makes a wonderful present. A night of love will be unforgettable if the body is presented in a luxurious wrapping. Below is a list of recommendations that could help you choose the right stuff from a broad spectrum of erotic lingerie.

Erotic lingerie
Is meant to enhance sex life, to turn the dull routine into a night to remember. Besides, a woman wearing a sexy item feels more confident and turned-on in bed. Women were too shy to step into the world of lingerie products in the past. Nowadays you can see women in their fifties shopping for black lace bras and thong panties.

Flowing lace
A body to highlight the breasts with matching shorts to conceal the imperfections of the thighs.

These days the Muslim girls flock to erotic lingerie stores to buy items of clothing for the first wedding night. Those items are far from being chaste. A white body set worn right under the wedding dress (a new way to consummate the marriage shortly after the nuptials are finished) is the hottest item of this fall. A corset mini dress is also very popular. Today’s corsets reach down to the middle of a thigh, they are equipped with adjustable garters for matching thigh high stockings. The corset is designed to shape up the figure, putting special emphasis on the breasts, thighs, and a waistline. The modern corset has plenty of adjustable hooks, ties and ribbons to suit individual tastes. Please bear in mind that a corset set with a frontal lace-up is easier to handle. The one with ties on the back requires a helper every time you want to put it on.

Vinyl body
Designed to highlight the figure without concealing the curves.

Leather lingerie i.e. bodies, panties, bras sell like hot cakes these days. A wraparound body can help conceal the flaws on the highs and waist while making small breasts look larger. Slipping into leather lingerie set is easier if a special lubricant (marketed with an item) is sprayed onto the body. The latest leather sets are coated with a lubricant on the inside. A tight see-through overall body (especially a mesh body) is perfect for concealing the flaws of the body. A flesh-colored body can make the skin look velvety while concealing all the furrows. An off-the-bottom overall body is the hottest item of the season. You can make love without taking it off.

An open back beaded teddy is a novelty that can really turn you on. Aside from being a very seductive item to look at, it also stimulates the erogenous parts of the body. It has pretty layers of guipure lace on the front and beaded ties on the back and up the sides to gently massage the most sensitive parts of your body as you toss and turn about the bed.

A coquettish lace-up softens the steely character of the studded leather top.

The babydoll top
is a camisole with a high waistline and a front cut is good for slender girls and voluptuous ladies. Putting emphasis on the right place is the most important thing in this case. A floral bodice line embellished with sparkling ornaments can lift up the bra cups. There is a bathing suit effect caused by too tight a fabric which makes the breasts look bigger. The frontal lace-up and rigid bodice can help push up the smaller protuberances. An asymmetric set with ruffles at the hem can emphasize the thighs. Try a babydoll set with marabou finish e.g. feathers and fluff in case you fancy a more airy look about the body.


Adhesive coverings on the nipples to substitute for the bikini top.

Pasties are the recent arrival in the world of erotic lingerie. The pasties are fancy stickers shaped like hearts, leaves and flowers for covering the nipples. The prudish girls can wear pasties under their transparent underwear, others use them for fun on the beach, in a sauna or striptease bar. The most relaxed types paste them on the butt too. Creams and lotions should be removed from the stickers prior to application. Good adhesive coating can make the covering stay on the body for 24 hours. Repeated use will require a medical or any other decorative glue safe for the skin. The pasties are good for several months if stored properly. Spread them on the mirror or any other smooth glass surface after use.

Lingerie in a variety of colors with garter stockings: a devastating erotic set when combined with a see-through chemise; 4,500 rubles.

According to women, the sexiest color of the lingerie is:

White: 18%
Red: 18%
Black: 35%
Beige: 5%
With a pattern: 12%
Other: 12%

According to men:

White: 25%
Red: 23%
Black: 23%
Beige: 5%
With a pattern: 10%
Other: 12%


Men’s g-strings
With a narrow piece of fabric on the back enjoy huge popularity these days. Men with “prominent” manhood and sculptured buttocks like to put them on to impress their lovers big time on the very first night. The tanga slips are two triangle pieces of mesh fabric with ties up the sides. The bodybuilding bums like wearing them. The set is good for both the weightlifting and bedside acrobatics. Every man would not mind a bit of fun while making love so fancy slips with elephants and puppies on the front, vinyl shorts or guipure g-strings are in high demand even among family men and business types.