Are you male (M), female (F), bisexual (B), or asexual (A)

In a world where sex sells everything from newspapers to dog food, there is a group of people who chooses to have asexual relationships. They don’t fear sex, neither are they physically unable to have sex or prohibited by their faith to do so; they just don’t want to have sex and have no desire for it whatsoever. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

If there are people who want sex, naturally, there will be people who don’t want it, reasoned David Jay, 24, a self-declared asexual. Perhaps this is a natural development of being blunted by too much exposure to sex. It is definitely not biologically based for it would have wiped out the human race and, therefore, naturally taken care of by evolution.

The group of asexual is bigger than you think. When David started Aven (the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) and a website on asexuality, he initially took in only 65 members. But the number grew quickly to 5000 a year later and now Aven has 12,000 members worldwide. Out of this figure, 2,000 are British, most are in their mid-20s and the number of females is almost equalled by the number of males.

Many asexuals still want intimacy and some even opt for marriage with like-minded souls. It is really a meeting of the mind and spirit, rather than the body. Perhaps this is a natural psychological, if not biological, progression from the high rate of divorce, the liberal promiscuity of partners, and the sludge of readily available pornography in the media and Internet. Keith Walker, 34, from Texas, who recently tied the knot with Nancy Crocker, 53, from Washington, said “A mental connection is more intense and unique for me [than sex].” But asexual couples and individuals do crave acceptance by society. They don’t want to be viewed as abnormal or suffering from a disease. Not wanting sex is normal and many people actually feel that way, despite the hype and myths surrounding sex.

Sex psychologists said that asexuality is not something new and sex researchers have been aware of their existence before. But because they don’t cause problems such as AIDS, divorce or abortion, they are given less limelight and attention.
Are you asexual? Perhaps the forms requiring you to fill in your sex will have categories for male (M), female (F), bisexual (B), and asexual (A) in the future.