Twins Around the World 07 Guangzhou Concert (环游世界07广州演唱会) held on 3rd Feb 2007. It has attracted 20,000 audience. The day actually also Gillian’s lunar birthday. Twins invited guess 泳儿 & Sun Boy’z bring out a big cakes, Ah Sa and all the the audience started singing the birthday song. This movement was so touching and it has made Gillian cry.



The cencert stage was designed around the number 6 as this year is Twins’ sixth anniversary. The stage outfits were sexy, showing their waists and legs, and they seduced everyone with their beautiful dances. The weather with around 10 degrees Celsius, however Twins still wearing short skirts in the opening. The audience keep calling “Twins” during the concert, this has made the performance more live.

During the concert, they had new princess dresses and sexy dance outfits, making the whole concert more interested.