2007 Hito Awards, Leehom and Jolin Wins Hito’s “Best Male/Female Artist” again. Jolin Tsai won a total of five awards
a) “Hito’s Best Female Artist”
b) “Hito’s Most Popular Female Artist”
c) “Hito’s Longest Album”
d) “Hito’s Most Popular Online Star”
e) “Top Ten Songs of the Year.”

Jolin Tsai had won “Hito’s Best Female Artist” for the fourth time. As the “Hito’s Best Male Artist” was won by WANG LI HONG (Leehom Wang). Both Jolin and Leehom were the winners of last year’s award ceremony as well.


As for TAO ZHE’s (David Tao), he had won “Hito’s Best Producer”, “Hito’s Best Composer”, “Audience’s Most Popular Song” and “Top Ten Golden Songs of the Year” awards. TAO ZHE’s (David Tao) latest album “TAI MEI LI (Too Beautiful)”, also get a positive reviews from professional critics.