The whole cast did a marvelous job with each of their assign roles. Michael Miu’s CEO character and Bobby Au Yeung’s Chai Foon Cheung were basically the 2 main focus throughout the series. Both did well to bring out their character in the best of anyone’s capabilities: as Michael was so handsome with his cool, collected CEO appearance and Bobby is just so…Bobby! Very versatile character he portrayed.


TVB’s new series, “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” held its costume fitting yesterday. The cast includes Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Tavia Yeung Yi.


At the costume fitting yesterday, Tavia wore extra pads to create a “D cup” effect, as her character in the series will be getting breast implants. Tavia’s image was the most outstanding at the press conference. Even Bobby Au Yeung said “Wow” when he saw her.

Bosco Wong also laughed, “I have never seen Tavia so ‘grown up’ before. But I don’t dare to look!” The atmosphere was quite humorous.

This is the first time that Tavia will be portraying such as sexy character. Tavia said, “In the series, my character is very flirtatious, and she even gets a breast enlargement. That’s why I wore some special pads today to increase my bust size. When we start filming later, the pads will be even thicker for more obvious effect. But my character dresses very sexily in the show, so I have to take precautions and beware of overexposure.”

Is Tavia worried that she will be teased because of this image? “No I don’t mind, as I wanted to try out a more mature role.”

Bobby will be playing a gambling addict in the series. He wore a 40 inch fake belly at the press conference. But Bobby said that for more convincing results, he plans to gain 10 more pounds. As it has been several years since Bobby has last worked with Jessica, he said, “It’s been so many years since our last collaboration, but Jessica has not aged at all! Maybe she ate some anti-aging pills?”

Jessica laughed and said, “Bobby has receding hairline!” (But Bobby said that you still look so good!) Jessica said, “That’s the truth! But I still thank him!”

Jessica’s character will also be another gambling addict 「爛賭婆」,Jessica said in real life, she does not like to gambling. But she will be going to the casinos in Macau later to observe the characteristics of people who are gambling addicts, so that she can portray her role more convincingly. Jessica also said that when she films series nowadays, she considers who her co-star will be before she accepts a role. But when she found out her co-star was Bobby this time, she immediately accepted the role.

Michael Miu will be playing a casino manager, but a touch of mafia-feel. Michael wore a fake clip-on earring stud at the press conference yesterday. Michael said he might actually get his ears pierced for the role if necessary.

It actually has been 20 years since Bobby and Michael have last worked together. Prior to “Dou Cheung Fung Wan,” the last series they starred in together was “The Foundation” in the 1980’s.