Raymond Lam Fung (Chinese: 林峯/林峰)
He is a Hong Kong TVB actor and singer. He was born into a wealthy family. His father is a real estate investor in Xiamen and was dubbed as the “Lee Ka Shing of Xiamen”.

xin_5507031410325841093110.jpg< She is currently one of the most popular television actresses of Hong Kong. She started her career in late 1992 and early 1993. Back in the 90's, Jessica was constantly in the limelight for not getting along with a few actresses. Jessica will be changing her contract to a "per-series" as of late 2006, after it was disclosed that she did not renew her current contract. She will no longer be under TVB management, and will be under her former manager, Carri Ma. There have been recent rumors that Raymond Lam Fung often arrived late for filming "The Drive of Life." Yesterday, Raymond was late for an outdoor scene with the punctual Jessica Hsuan, who walked off set angrily after a lengthy wait. Allegedly, even TVB's executive management and Poon Ka Tak, the producer of "The Drive of Life" warned Raymond about his frequent lateness.
Reporters contacted Raymond for further clarification. At first he denied the lateness rumors, but later changed his tune. “‘The Drive of Life’ is 60 episodes and filming will take 6 months. There is a chance that each actor might arrive late for filming. The production for this series is quite rigorious and there are numerous veternans involved, I do not dare to be late!”

“However perhaps there was some conflict with the time schedules. Each artist tries his best, but there will always be some minor mistakes!” (Did Raymond receive a warning from TVB executive management?) “No.”

How is Raymond’s relationship with Jessica? “Pretty good. In the past, we shared the same manager, so we had an elder-sister, younger-brother relationship. Jessica really takes care of me.”

Reporters also asked Jessica if she had walked off set due to Raymond’s lateness? Jessica did not respond directly, “I don’t want to talk about it, implicating in more rumors.”

Is Raymond frequently late for filming? “Each series will have different filming problems. I don’t want to discuss it further.” (Is Jessica’s relationship with Raymond awkward?) “No, we don’t have any problems working together.”
Producer Poon Ka Tak could not be reached for comments.