TVB’s new 80 episode series, “Jewel’s Splendor” 《珠光寶氣》 held its costume fitting.
Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh have always been producer Chik’s favourites, however, because Charmaine has taken part in “Drive of Life”, thus, Chik has replaced Charmaine Sheh by Linda Chung who is well-known for her obedience.

The actresses wore $48.81 million (HKD) in jewels, totalling 423.5 carats. The three lead actresses Gigi Lai, Ada Choi, and Maggie Shiu play 3 sisters in the series. Their diamonds alone were worth $35.7 million (HKD). There was heightened security at the studio due to the invaluable jewelry.


Linda Chung joins the cast, but Gigi will not lose. Gigi is still the most favored actress and at Jewel’s Splendor’s costume fitting, she wore a low-cut red Valentino evening dress, easily stealing the spotlight. Gigi got sponsored with $13 million (HKD) in jewelry and wore a red Valentino evening dress. Ada and Maggie’s black evening gowns were provided by TVB, thus making Gigi the spotlight at the event.

This series will film in Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, Thailand, Britain, and South Africa.


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