Twins, Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi have been big on the pop scene for six straight years. They able to work closely, have happiness and hardship together. Now, to celebrate their 6th year together, the female duo will be releasing a special remembrance album “We have Been in Love for 6 Years”(我們相愛六年) with 3CD. This alburm specially created to appreciate the works of these two exceptionally popular artists from Hong Kong.

Calvin Choi, Creative producer have depicted Twins as lovers in this album. He has designed a wedding image for the two, where they both takes turn being the bride and the groom.


Due to Charlene and Gillian having the same outfits and same makeup, during the shoot, workers found it difficult to tell the two apart. Twins were also being cheeky, as they tried to swap identities, which was quite a headache for the workers. During the kissing shoot, the two friends were very compatible.











The album “We have Been in Love for 6 Years”(我們相愛六年) song listing:-
CD 1
01. 我們相愛6年 (新歌)(Twins 6週年主題曲)
02. 你不是好情人 (Solo) (蔡卓妍 獨唱)
03. 非君不嫁 (Solo) (鍾欣桐 獨唱)
04. 八十塊環遊世界
05. 見習愛神
06. 死性不改 (w/Boy’z)
07. 下一站天后
08. 戀愛大過天
09. 女校男生
10. 多謝失戀
11. 眼紅紅
12. 我們的紀念冊
13. 梨渦淺笑
14. 千金
15. 大浪漫主義
16. 亂世佳人
17. 朋友的愛
18. 星光遊樂園

CD 2
01. 飄零燕 (新歌)
02. 天下有雙 (“雙子神偷” 電影主題曲)
03. 我決定走了
04. 你不是好情人
05. 雙失情人節
06. 幼稚園
07. 丟架
08. 救生圈
09. 飲歌
10. 狂想曲
11. 黑色喜劇
12. 海底深
13. 精選
14. 冬令時間
15. 18變
16. 德州的故事
17. 夏雨
18. 我很想愛他

CD 3
01. 小心愛 (新歌)
02. 紅噹噹飛吻 (新歌) – 草蜢合唱
03. 桃紅結他
04. 士多啤梨蘋果橙
05. 女人味
06. 熱浪假期
07. 一時無兩
08. 明愛暗戀補習社
09. 魚蛋歌
10. 女仔歌
11. 星星月亮太陽
12. 愛情當入樽
13. 二人世界盃
14. 大紅大紫
15. 零4好玩
17. 夏日狂嘩
18. 森巴皇后

1. 小心愛 MV (新歌)
2. 紅噹噹飛吻 MV (新歌) – 草蜢合唱
3. 紅噹噹飛吻 MV 製作花絮 – 草蜢合唱