7th July 2007 has become the most popular wedding date in US

Seven used to be the number of the devil but in the precarious confusion of human history, it can also be extremely lucky. Lining up sevens is lucky because it means you’ve hit the winning combination on the slot-machine jackpot. Snow White was lucky because she had seven dwarfs to help her when she was ordered to be killed by her evil stepmother. Seven-eleven made it big in the convenience store business. We say we’re in seventh heaven when things are perfectly blissful.

In a recent development, 7th July 2007 has become the most popular wedding date. Couples all over the United States have set their wedding day on 7/7/07. Churches and reception sites have been booked to its limit on this extraordinarily special date. Increased demands mean higher prices. It is a lucky date for caterers, florists, and reception organisers. But maybe it is not such a lucky date for the wedding couples who will surely have to pay more or even change their plans. Yet many couples are happy to jump on the bandwagon without worrying about the economics. It’s romantic. After all, the men are not likely to forget the wedding date in future after their marriage. And the seven year’s itch may just be jinxed! Who knows?