The muscular Federer

With no real rival in sight, the Swiss master, Roger Federer, completed the most dominant men’s grand slam campaign in 27 years when he repelled Chilean Fernando Gonzalez at the Australia Open to win his 10th major crown recently.

Born in the town of Binningen (near Basel, Switzerland), Roger Federer is currently ranked World No 1. If you relate Federer to tennis like how others relate Michael Schumacher to Formula One or Michael Jordon to basketball, I think many people will agree.

Started playing at the age of six, Roger Federer has won all the major tennis tournaments. In 2004, the Swiss became the first man since Mats Wilander in 1988 to win three of four Grand Slam singles tournaments in the same year. In 2006, Federer repeated this feat and became the first man in the open era to win at least ten singles tournaments in three consecutive years. He has won ten Grand Slam men’s singles titles in 31 appearances, three Tennis Masters Cup, and twelve ATP Masters Series singles titles. He is the only player to have won both the Wimbledon and U.S. Open singles titles in three consecutive years (2004-2006).

Roger Federer has scooped his 10th major crown just over 3-½. Famous American tennis player, Pete Sampras spent about 12 years to amass his 14 major trophies. At the speed the Federer express has been going, the American’s record will be wiped by Federer from the history books by 2008.

His achievement, skills, talents… Federer is really a genius. No wonder Roger Federer wishes he could jump into a time machine and go back through the years to have a shot at Rod Laver or Bjorn Borg.

Here with some of Federer’s sexy and fantasy photos.