Michelle Monique Reis (Chinese: 李嘉欣; pinyin: Lǐ Jiāxīn or Lee Kar-yan in Cantonese; born June 20, 1970) is a Hong Kong actress.

Reis was born in Macau which was then a Portuguese colony. Her father is Portuguese and her mother Chinese. Reis first came to fame when she won the 1988 Miss Hong Kong Pageant when she was only 18. She was also the first Miss Chinese International in the same year.


The hottest rumors lately surrounding Michelle Reis Lee Ka Yan and rich tycoon, Hui Chun Hung’s romance is that wedding bells are in the air for 2007!

Allegedly, Michelle has been successful in persuading Mr. Hui to marry her! Mr. Hui finally completed his divorce filing. Last night, Mr. Hui also had dinner with Michelle’s mother to discuss wedding plans. When the couple left the restaurant, Michelle sported a joyous smile. Perhaps the likelihood of becoming the future Mrs. Hui is all set?

Michelle and Mr. Hui have been dating for 7 months, flaunting their passionate love very publicly. However, Michelle has always been troubled by the fact that Mr. Hui’s divorce filing is incomplete. Earlier in December, Michelle allegedly had Mr. Hui finalize his divorce papers.

In the past, public speculation regarding the couple’s romance has always been negative. But several weeks ago, Mr. Hui even brought Michelle as his partner to his cousin’s wedding ;thereby acknowledging their romance publicly and introducing her to his parents as well as extended family. According to the media, his mother does not like Michelle Lee.


Mr. Hui reserved a private floor in an Italian restaurant with Michelle’s family. Aside from her mother, Michelle’s elder sister was also present. Sounds of laughter radiated from the area where Michelle and Mr. Hui were seated. The dinner lasted for over 3 hours.

Curious whether they will be marry in 2007?