British viewers crowned Indian actress Shilpa Shetty winner of “Celebrity Big Brother,” which faced charges of racism directed at Shetty as the show aired.

The 31-year-old Bollywood star said she was surprised that she won the public vote, adding that her experience on the “reality” program was “incredible and overwhelming,” the BBC said.

Ms Shetty , after enduring bullying that triggered an international row , win the series in which the activities of a group of celebrities in a specially constructed house are televised round the clock for 26 days , won 63 percent of viewers’ votes to beat five other finalist.

Hearing the news that she had won , she screamed ” Are you kidding me?”and shouted ” Thank You!” to the large crowd outside.Among the comments that kicked up an international storm , Ms Shetty was called a ” dog ” and asked whether she lives in a shack , prompting protests in India.

British lawmakers lined to condemn the programme as the row erupted and Indian officials urged their British conterparts to intervene as the nation’s broadcasting watchdog was showered with more than 40,000 complaints.

Ms Shetty heard of the furore for the first time during the interview , having been shielded from the outside world for the duration of the programme.

” I just want to forget things , ” she said.” I just want to put one thing at rest .Things happened , and people make mistakes.”Her biggest percieved tormentor , Ms Jade Goody , was evicted by an overwhelming public vote days after the controversy erupted after foulmouthed exchanges.

The Bollywood star defended Ms Goody , however , saying:” Jade really didn’t mean to be racist .I can say that for sure ..she not a racist.”