Doctors are blaming the fashion industry for a sales increase in size zero clothes

Size-zero models flit like ghosts down catwalks… but these will probably be images of the past. The powerful fashion federations of France, Italy, the United States and Britain have agreed to jointly tackle global concern over showcasting ultra-thin models on catwalks.

The head of the French federation, Didier Grumback, expressed that they have generally reached agreement on the issue. The glamorous and famous supermodels have influenced teenagers across the world to imitate them by sporting flat and wisp-like figures. These teenage girls ultimately pay with their health and lives. Fashion is fatal. However, the federations took a less confrontational step by saying the answer is raising awareness rather than bans. Yet fashion is subjective and extreme fashions often garner the desired response. Thus, awareness of what constitutes beauty may be less easily implemented than the federations imagine.

After all, beauty and health are not always synonymous and in the world of fashion, followers blindly idolize what the fashion moguls dictate and what the supermodels wear. Thus, creating awareness amongst fashion followers and impressionable teenagers may not be as effective as reigning in the extremities of the fashion world. They have the clout but do the federations have the will to check the much-priced freedom of expression of their members? That is the question.

Size-zero models flit like ghosts down catwalks

Followers blindly idolize what the fashion moguls dictate and what the supermodels wear