Name: Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)
Pinyin: Cài Yīlín
Birthday: September 15, 1980
Birth Place: Taipei, Taiwan
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Star Sign: Virgo

Louis Koo Tin Lok and Jolin Tsai’s new wax statues will be available for public viewing at Shanghai’s Madam Tussaud’s in February. Both Louis and Jolin’s wax statues replicate their images as featured in Pepsi’s recent promotional ad. Louis appears with blue hair, as he is a “blue-bird man” in the ad.
Jolin wax image

Jolin had admitted that she likes a man during her interview at “the J1 happy summer training camp”. She joyfully declared: “I recently and finally met a man that I like.”

 Jolin admits that she normally relies on MSN and through news media to Jolin had admitted that she like a man during her interview atcommunicate with her admirer. When asked her whether the opposite party responded to her sentiments, Jolin embarrassingly smiles and give very vague answers, but she couldnt bear but shout at the reporters, wanting them to let her off.