Revolution Presents: American Idol

Hordes of monsters are frightening; they make you anxious and nervous. But if you ask the contestants from American Idol, they will tell you and argue that Simon Cowell, the talent show’s famously savage judge, is much worse and scarier!

Those who will never have the opportunity to be personally insulted by Monster Cowell can now be insulted by his virtual representative in Blitz Games’ singing game Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol.

This new version Karaoke game is very much improved from other previous Karaoke Revolution series. In this game, you start out singing in front of the series’ infamous judges to earn your “golden ticket” to the next elimination round in Hollywood. As you successfully clear each song, you’ll move on through the Hollywood round to the semifinals and then, finally, the big stage of the top 12. All the sets and venues are realistically re-created here, which lends a feeling of authenticity if you’ve watched much of the TV show.

During the game, you will sing into a microphone along with a pop song like “Just the Way You Are” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. A graph will indicate whether you are hitting your notes correctly. You will gain better score if you are more accurate. You are presented by a singer on a stage. You will gain audience cheers when you hit the notes and get boos when you don’t.

You can also customize your virtual singer with various clothes, and if you have the PalyStation2 Eye Toy camera, you can take a picture of yourself and the game will create a virtual you to dress up in the game’s fancy attire. The EyeToy can also show your image on a big onstage screen. It allowed you to watch your virtual self in a zoot suit hamming it up in front of a big screen showing the real you slumped on the couch, singing off key.

The judging process in this game is interesting; judges can break down a song, noting that you started well but lost it in the middle or that you were generally on key but weren’t overly impressive, etc. The judges consists of Cowell, Randy Jackson and some woman named Laura who looks a lot lie Paula Abdul who apparently didn’t want to license her image to the game. These judges are tough and Simon Cowell, true to the show, is as cruel as ever. They will grimace when you hit a bad note or smile when you do well, and will then critique you. They also give you their verdict at the end of each song.

At any rate, the judges will critique your performance as you’d expect, commenting on your pitch or timing in their respective styles. Unfortunately, the dialogue is pretty stilted and sounds as though it was recorded in a studio (which it was, of course). Jackson will mention the dog pound now and again, and Cowell’s trademark insults are pretty similar to the kind of bile he spews on the air, but their delivery isn’t very enthusiastic. Each critique made by them is a few stock phrases strung together, but it is generally convincing unless a judge’s remarks seem contradictory or one judge blasts you and then the next judge says, “I totally disagree” and also blast you. When they are contradict themselves, for instance, they begin to critics your pitch initially, but later describe your performance is brilliant. More often than not, the judges offer what seems like accurate and thoughtful criticism, but even then, it’s not terribly exciting. It does get the job done, though, and you can skip it if you want. It just adds a little bit fun to the game.

Once you’re been criticized, you will be told whether you’ve made it to the next round. You don’t need to sing that will to make it through the audition, but by the finals you will need to give a pretty solid performance.

As in the real series, the participants’ biggest challenge is Cowell. He hated almost everything you sang. So to be the idol, you must put some effort!!!

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The venues from the TV show are nicely re-created in the game

Enjoy the opportunity to be personally insulted by Monster Cowell!

Are you a new Idol?

The celebrity judging can be lame at times, but that shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the karaoke much.


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