Again, the news maker has been at it. This time, celebrity heiress Paris Hilton was sentenced to three years’ probation after recoding a no contest plead to the charge of reckless driving due to alcoholic influence from last September’s arrest in Hollywood.

Paris Hilton, party slut and tacky millionairess, was fined US$390 and ordered to attend an alcohol-education programme. In California, a no-contest plea is the legal equivalent to pleading guilty.

The proverbial birds of a feather flock together. Her “good friend”, Britney Spears, had been photographed by the media for driving with her baby on her lap last year. Given Paris Hilton’s bad girl record, drink driving is just another “feather in her cap”.


Paris Hilton is an alcoholic? Some photo shown she has difficulty to walk after a crazy night party in Hollywood. Her bodyguard helped to support her. (But just wondering, why he needs to lift the drunken women by her breasts.)