In Netherlands, prostitution is a legal business

The world’s oldest profession is finally about to get the recognition it deserves!

According to the Netherlands’ national news agency ANP, Amsterdam’s red light district will soon get a new attraction: a bronze statue dedicated to prostitutes around the world.

The statue is designed by sculptress Els Rijerse, it will likely be unveiled at the end of March. Els Rijerse made the statue at the request of a former prostitute Mariska Majoor, who a decade ago founded a centre on prostitution in the Dutch capital.

In Netherlands, prostitution is a legal business. Prostitutes or hookers must be at least 18, while for non-commercial sex the age of consent is 16. The clients must also be at least 16. Prostitutes have to pay taxes and they are allowed for limited advertising. All prostitution businesses have to apply to the city council for a license since 1996. Workers from non-EC countries without a residence permit will not be allowed to work in prostitution. The official Amsterdam policy on prostitution is available online.

Mariska Majoor was quoted as saying by ANP that the statue would be a first of its kind and that it had received the blessing of the city authorities. The precise place where the statue will be laid and its title have not yet been announced.

The statue represents a self-assured woman, her hands on her hips, looking sideways towards the sky, and standing on a doorstep.

“In many countries, prostitutes struggle and people have no respect for them whatsoever. The statue is meant to change this.

Prostitution occurs in many varied and different settings: street prostitution, escort prostitution, Out-call prostitution, Sex tourism, etc.

In countries where prostitution is legal, advertising is legal (as in the Netherlands) or illegal (as in Germany).

Prostitutes are stigmatised in most societies and religions; their customers are typically stigmatised to a lesser degree.

At one end of the legal spectrum, prostitution carries the death penalty in some Muslim countries