Nobody likes a bully, and nobody likes being bullied. But what do you do when confronted by a bully? Do you sit there and take it out of fear that standing up to the bully will lead to even more torment? Do you rat him out and hope for the best, knowing that it’ll lead to a parking-lot brawl after school? Or do you stand up, fighting fire with fire? Rockstar’s latest game, appropriately titled Bully, puts you in that situation and gives you the tools to stand up to those bullies, knock them around with your fists, and rise to the top of a boarding school’s social scene. The interesting story and unique setting set Bully apart from the pack, and the result is simply exciting.

Here witht the cheats, tips and hints for “Bully lovers”!

Evade the police
If you’re being chased by the cops, just run into a store and they’ll stop their pursuit.

Easy freak show money
To make a lot of money fast, go to the freak show and make a bet (max bet is $100) on the wrestling match. You can pick either wrestler, it doesn’t matter. Stand next to the ring when the match starts. Eventually, the wrestles will get close enough for you to land a few punches to the one you bet against. Be careful not to punch you own wrestler. This will knock his health way down and he’ll be finished off easily. You’ll get a “Violence Against Children” in your violence meter, but it doesn’t matter because they aren’t any police in the freak show tent.

Rule the day at Dodgeball
While playing Dodgeball in the gym, you can stop the game by pressing the L2 button (Help). During the time the game is stopped no hits will be counted. So to use this in your favor, move as far away from the person with the ball, wait till the ball gets thrown and hit L2. The ball will hit you but it won’t count; then just pick it up and do the jumpshot and you will be winning in no time.

M80s and water balloons
The Valcano 4000 firework is located in certain lockers; they appear more often after all missions are beaten. The water balloons will be unlocked once you help the guy on top of the building next to the bike shop in Bullworth Town. Jump the fence in the back and climb the ladder to get them. You may fill balloons at any source of water (water pipes, drinking fountains, etc).

Easy gym challenge
Beat all the challenges in the gym. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to challenge everyone anytime. The key to the easy money is to go up to the line every time, press Circle to jump, and while in midair, press X to throw. You’ll knock them down every time.

Easy faculty taunts
Go to ghe Principle’s office and taunt the secretary. When she starts to chase you, just run around the desk and continue taunting her (while locked on with L1) for as long as desired. If she grabs you, just tap Triangle (10), or if she is not already irritated, you can just keep apologizing which also helps your statistics. This work for almost all staff – just run and taunt.

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Also read the detailed story as extracted from Wikipedia:

Chapter I: Making New Friends and Enemies
James “Jimmy” Hopkins, a fifteen-year-old delinquent, is dropped off at Bullworth Academy by his mother and new stepfather, with whom he had just been arguing before their departure on a year-long honeymoon. The school secretary, Miss Danvers, meets him at the gate to take him to Dr. Crabblesnitch, the school’s vainglorious principal. After the two acquaint themselves, Crabblesnitch instructs Jimmy to change into his uniform, which is in his room at the boys’ dorms. On the way, Jimmy encounters four aggressive bullies, and is forced into a fight with one of them, Wade Martin. After Martin’s defeat, a second fight almost breaks out between Jimmy and Russell Northrop, the bully’s ferocious leader, but Mr. Hattrick, the Mathematics teacher, breaks it up and sends Jimmy on his way. As soon as Jimmy enters the dorms, he meets Gary Smith, a sardonic, ADD-afflicted student, who is described by others as a “sociopath”. Despite Jimmy’s antagonism, Gary offers to be his friend, stating “in a place like this, you’re going to need friends.” Shortly after changing into the school uniform, Jimmy meets Peter Kowalski, an small boy just reaching puberty, who is ostracized by the student body and tormented by Gary.
Gary shows Jimmy around the school, and familiarizes him with the different cliques. To Gary’s surprise, Jimmy seems more astute about the conduct of each one than expected, having already been through different schools before Bullworth Academy. Jimmy also encounters the overweight Eunice Pound and recovers her stolen chocolates, which leads to the two making out, astonishing Gary further.

As classes commence over the next few days, Jimmy finds himself earning the animosity of the bullies after such acts as defending Algernon Papadopoulos, an unpopular nerd who was returning library books, and knocking out Davis White, a bully who accused Jimmy of being a teacher’s pet. Jimmy also acquired White’s slingshot after this confrontation. The supposed friendship between Jimmy and Gary becomes unfavourable, with Jimmy opposing Gary’s treatment of Peter, among other things. Nevertheless, Jimmy, Gary and Peter continue to associate (at one point, due to Gary’s wish to torment someone, Jimmy comes across a hobo, who scares off Gary and Peter but teaches Jimmy fighting moves in return for radio transistors). At Halloween, Gary and Jimmy play pranks on the students and one “big prank” on the teachers (setting a bag of dog excrement alight in front of the teachers’ lounge).

A few days after Halloween, Gary, who claims to have had an epiphany after abstaining from his medication, meets up with Jimmy and leads him through the school basement. Eventually, Gary and Jimmy arrive at “The Hole”, a secret fight club of sorts in the school boiler room, where many students go to watch or participate in fights. It is here where Gary accuses Jimmy of insulting him behind his back, and then pits Jimmy against Russell Northrop. Gary incites Russell by saying that Jimmy started a rumour about Russell’s mother being involved in bestiality, but Jimmy manages to overcome Russell. At this point, Gary disappears, and Jimmy honourably helps Russell back to his feet, assuring him that Gary’s words were lies. Jimmy then insists that Russell and his gang stop bullying the weaker students, as they are the wrong ones to hurt. Russell accepts, thereby insuring peace between Jimmy and the bullies. The gates to Bullworth Academy open the next day, allowing Jimmy to travel around the district of Old Bullworth Vale.

Chapter II: Rich Kid Blues
Jimmy saves Mr. Galloway’s (The english teacher) job when the math teacher, Mr. Hattrick, catches him drinking. The preppies of Bullworth decide to exact revenge on Hattrick by egging his house, with eggs supplied by Jimmy. But when Jimmy arrives with the eggs, Gary appears, and tells the preppies that Jimmy said things about their “mummies”. The preppies turn on Jimmy, and attack him. Jimmy escapes, but the preppies are now hostile towards him.

Soon, Jimmy asks Petey what to do to get at those preppies. Petey suggests beating their star boxer, Bif Taylor, publicly. After doing so, Derby (pronounced Darby) Harrington, and his lackeys, attack Jimmy. But Jimmy emerges victorious, unlocking the town of New Coventry, and goes higher up the Bullworth “food chain”.

Chapter III: Love Makes the World go Round
Johnny Vincent, leader of the Greaser clique, hires Jimmy to take pictures of his cheating girfriend Lola. After getting the pictures, he beats up the preppy Lola is with; Gord. But when Lola tells Johnny and Jimmy to race for her affections, Jimmy wins, and Lola becomes another one of his girlfriends. This creates hostility between Jimmy and the Greasers.
But soon, Lola tells Jimmy that the Greasers and the Preppies are fighting for her in an ultimate showdown. Jimmy tracks down Johnny Vincent, and with Petey’s help, defeats him.

Chapter IV: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, and Other Lies
When the jocks beat up Petey, Jimmy plans to get revenge. When he tries getting help from the nerds, they turn him down. Jimmy travels to their observatory, and beats up Earnest, leader of the Nerd clique, therefore getting peace between him and the nerds.
Jimmy saves the nerds from the jocks, and they decide to launch a counter-assault. First, Jimmy grabs the Mascot outfit. Then, Earnest’s “Operation; Trojan Cow” is set into action. Jimmy messes up the big game, and Ted figures out that Jimmy is the mascot. Jimmy beats up Ted, and the road to Blue Skies Industrial Park is repaired.

Chapter V: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins; Aged 15
Jimmy is now the king of Bullworth. Everything is great. But, when all the cliques become hostile towards him again, he attempts to get on their good side, one faction at a time, and find out who is causing all the trouble. Jimmy then meets Zoe, a Townie girl. She was a student at Bullworth, but she complained about Mr. Burton hitting on her, and got expelled. It takes some doing, but Jimmy increases his respect with the other cliques. But Crabblesnitch expels Jimmy, and Jimmy has to find Russell to go after Gary. Russell blows open the barricade to the Chem-O factory, and Jimmy meets up with Zoe. He travels through the factory with her, and defeats the Townie leader, Edgar, who tells him that Gary did the same thing to him; pretend to be a friend, but then get rid of you when you become useless. Jimmy gets respect from the Townies.

Soon, Zoe tells Jimmy that all hell is breaking lose at the academy. The factions are at war, and Gary is on top of the food chain. Jimmy saves Russell from the police, and they travel to the school. Jimmy teams up with Russell, and they beat up Earnest at the gym, Derby at Harrington House, Ted at the Library, and Johnny at the Girls Dorm. They then go to the main building, where Edgar is waiting for them. He goes off to calm everyone down. But when two prefects pin Jimmy to the ground, and take his slingshot, spudgun, etc., Russell chases them off, screaming “SLOW DOWN SO RUSSELL CAN SMASH YOU!!!”. Jimmy sees Gary at the top of the stairs, and chases him to the clock tower. After Gary tells Jimmy that he was “like a puppet, only dumber”, Jimmy chases him up the tower. Gary tells him that he was “waiting for the right moment to swoop in and take it all”. When Jimmy corners Gary, Gary claims that Crabblesnitch is tied up, kids have been expelled, and the head still likes him. Jimmy tackles Gary, and they fall to the scafolding below. Jimmy defeats Gary, and they fall into Crabblesnitch’s office, via the skylight.

Crabblesnitch expels Gary, and cancels Jimmy’s expulsion, bringing Zoe back into school, and making Petey head boy while he was at it. Jimmy then enjoys his power over the school, and makes Zoe his girlfriend.

Chapter VI: Endless Summer
In this chapter, the school has reached it final semester, at summertime. The player can then free roam, or tie up any loose ends, such as completing unfinished mini games and searching for any remaining collectable items, etc.

Jimmy Hopkins