A friend of mine spoke to me yesterday. He is a heavy smoker and has been smoking for many years. After his first baby came out, his wife insist him must quit smoking. Quit smoking? How?

Many people would agree that quitting smoking is one of the greatest challenges in life. Do you think so? I try to help my friend by sharing with him some tips that I found from books.

Here are some quit smoking tips for you if you plan to keep this habit away. There are simple, but important.

Strong mindset and determine that you are going to quit smoking. This is critical. You must make a deep-down decision from inside that you are going to quit! This is the first step and also the crucial step.

Use such aids as nicotine patches. By taking these patches, it helps to get you over the nicotine cravings you are experiencing. Having said that, there will be a point when you have to remove your dependency on the patches. The patches can be quite expensive but nowhere near as expensive as cigrates.

Go somewhere that don’t allow you to smoke when you are trying to quit. Ride the bus instead of driving because you can’t smoke on the bus.

Tell people around you that you are quitting. You will come to a situation that you get imitable, so your people around you will be able to understand your situation.

If during your endeavor to quit smoking you have a set back and light up, don’t’ worry about it. Just start to quit all over again. It’s very common that many people who have successfully quit smoking had to start and restart numerous times.

Chew gum to replace smoking while you are quitting. Anyway, try to avoid gum that contains sugar as this could add to the inevitable weight gain.

Begin a regular exercise program. Most people gain weight when they quit smoking so the exercise programme can help to offset the gain.

Quit smoking needs support and understanding from people around you, your friend, spouse, family members, etc. Talk to them and let them know you have decided to quit smoking. It helps!