Death Note 2: The Last Name?

The human whose name is written in this note shall die….

In Death Note 1, Light Yagami, a brilliant university student has been given a Death Note by a bored death god, Ryuk. Death note is a death god’s weapon for killing: as the instruction within clearly state: the human whose name is written in the notebook dies. Light uses this newfound power to forge his ideal of a new world free of criminals. Light adopts the name Kira. His callous renegade justice however is not tolerated by the authorities. Faced with so many unexplained deaths, the police enlist the assistance of L, an eccentric young genius with a taste of sweets and detective work. After that, the two begin a battle of wits – L trying to expose Kira’s true identity and Light evading discovery. The first movie ended with Light and L coming face to face for the first time.

If you think the psychological war between Light and L was intense then, wait till you watch Death Note 2: The Last Name! This time, Light not only deals with L but with a second and third Kira! Ryuk, the death god who shadows Light’s movements, will also have more company: another new death god will appear!

Death Note and Death Note 2 have enjoyed box-office success in Asia. Hollywood is also paying attention to these two movies. Although Death Note 1 is so successful, the movie director Shusuke Kaneko has mixed feelings. “Death Note uses ‘death’ to entertain the audience. It’s morally unsettling. I would call it ‘disturbing entertainment’. Audiences generally like heart-warming stories. Death Note isn’t. I had a little reservation as to how well it would do at the box office,” he says in a press release.

A few new characters will be introduced in Death Note 2. First there’s the cute and bubbly pop star, Misa Amane (Erika Toda), who appears towards the end of the first movie. The punk Lolita fashion aficionado has picked up a second Death Note at the end of the first movie. So what is the girl going to do with this notebook?

Another new character is TV journalist Kiyomi Takada (played by Nana Katase). Her investigation of the Kira killings gets her too deeply involved and one gets the impression that the anchorwoman is not going to have a great time in the movie.

Enjoy the trailer of Death Note 2: The Last Name