Lighting can make a big difference as to how you feel about your home. It is not only helps you perform your tasks better but also makes you feel safer and more comfortable.

Lighting adds beauty to a room. It can create the illusion of space, making a small room look airy and a large room cozy. Whatever your choice, your lighting needs must suit your lifestyle. Consider the activities likely to take place in each room, the atmosphere you want to create and the decorative features you want to highlight. Remember that light can be absorbed and even wasted in dark-coloured rooms or reflected and used as additional illumination in light coloured rooms.

Lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of styles for various functions. Some are very plain and functional, while some are pieces of art in themselves. Nearly any material can be used, so long as it can tolerate the heat and is in keeping with safety codes. Generally, interior lighting can be divided into three categories:

1. Task lighting is mainly functional and is usually the most concentrated, for purposes such as reading or inspection of materials. It illuminates the area where an activity (such as reading) takes place

2. It primarily decorative one-directional lighting that focuses attention on artwork or architectural features such as pictures, plants, other elements of interior design or landscaping or simply sets a mood.

3. Ambient or diffuse general lighting provides a low level of soft light that complements the surroundings while one watches television or is entertaining guests.

A good lighting plan combines all three features. Hall or foyer fixtures can create a congenial atmosphere while providing you with the general lighting.


A chandelier is a ceiling-mounted fixture with two or more arms bearing lights. Modern chandeliers are often very ornate, containing dozens of lamps and complex arrays of glass shapes to scatter light in complex, attractive patterns.

Chandeliers can add sparkle and style to your dining room in addition to the general lighting. Some are designed with downlights to provide task lighting.

Petite Classic Chandelier Pendant

Indoor Pendant Lighting

Pendants can provide both task and general lighting. Equipped with shades or globes to avoid glare, they are suspended from the ceiling.

Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling mount lighting fixtures are ideal for use in foyers, hallways, bedrooms, utility work areas, stairways and many other locations. They work well in entry foyers to welcome guests to your house. Flush mount are preferred on lower ceilings. While semi-flush lights are ideal on medium to high ceilings. These fixtures are also great in hallways as a substitute for recessed lighting. In hallways, light fixtures should be used every 8 to 10 feet to ensure adequate even illumination.

Portable Lamp

Portable lamps, on the other hand, are available in an assortment of style to complement your d├ęcor. At best, they give you the flexibility to move the light as and wherever you want them to be.

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