The death of Saddam Hussein has long been anticipated. Been labeled as a tyrant equally bad with Adolf Hitler by American while on the other hand viewed as martyr by Muslims, Saddam was hanged or executed on the first day of Eid ul-Adha, December 30, 2006 at approximately 06:10 local time (03:10 UTC). The execution was carried out at “Camp Justice,” an Iraqi army base in Kazimain, a neighbourhood of northeast Baghdad. May be to prove that Saddam Hussein was really have been executed and hanged, the whole proceeding of execution was been recorded, video taped (rumour has the video been shot in HDTV quality) and broadcasted to the world, where the news source primarily is state-run Iraqi television news station Al Iraqiya.

The initial news coverage about execution of Saddam Hussein, where the relatively ‘tame’ TV video footage showed Saddam Hussein been led into the execution room and on the gallows moments before execution.

If the above video clip not yet scare you, there is another full, unedited and complete version of Saddam Hussein execution and hanging process. It’s illicit low quality amateur video shot using apparently a mobile phone from a staircase leading up to the noose, and best of all, with real-time sound. And you can hear the witnesses taunted Saddam and the chaotic, brutal and degrading atmosphere prior to execution that resembles medieval execution or a wild hanging in Texas, according to The Times, which described it as public execution.

Unlike official execution footage, Saddam Hussein was seen been taunted by witnesses in this video, and he dropped through the floor, and dead with twisted head even before he could finish reciting the shahada, or last testimony.

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