Are you a shy person? Are you looking for a suitable partner/dater via the Internet? Do you lack confidence in your outlook or are you afraid to publish your photo? Don’t worry, now you can get some tips on how to build a hip, sexy web portrait of yourself!


Go to This online dating site has enlisted a celebrity stylist to advise camera-shy singles on how to build a hip, sexy web portrait of themselves to better woo prospective partners.

In its biggest marketing campaign since starting up 11 years ago, hopes the tips in self-advertising will assure reticent singles that they won’t look foolish when using a more public forum like the Internet to win dates. The company’s chief executive, Jim Safka, stressed that the campaign is aimed to assist shy people to overcome their personal stigma.

Previous industry marketing campaigns have often focused on proving that Web dating can be successful, with pictures of happily married online couples galore. However,’s advertising spotlights 26 still single members in TV, radio, print and online commercials which began this week. Fashion photographer Peggy Sirota captured the smiling and upbeat singletons – some in their 20s, others in their late 60s – in black-and-white shots for the ads.

Celebrity stylist, Jay Manuel, who is known for appearances on America’s Next Top Model, also gives a crash course on Match’s web site to help amateurs find their best camera angle and most flattering expression. His tips help to bring out one’s inner super-model potential: Take your photo using a camera flash and a naturally lit room, black clothing is often best for a head shot, and try using an indoor fan to capture a tousled, dynamic image.

For 2007, Safka foresees that Internet dating is becoming a more globally connected business and a more consolidated industry, particularly for niche sites that cater to etnic groups or specific communities. There might be thousand of sites, but it is important for them to partner or merge up with bigger sites in order to be successful.