Sleep, everyone in the world needs it, but how much? The Dutch top the list, sleeping an average of 7.53 hours a day! Funny? There was a survey carried out by IKEA about the worldwide sleep index revealed the following findings:

– Germans are boring because 80% of German bedrooms are not colourful
– Germans are over accurate because 97% have alarm clocks in their bedrooms
– Germans are hard-working because the amount of sleep is 12 minutes under the average worldwide

– The French know how to live because they sleep longer than the average worldwide
– The French are not well organized because they have the lowest rate of alarm clocks in the bedroom in Europe
– The French love fashion and style because they do not use the bedroom for getting dressed

The Middle East
– In Kuwait, bedrooms are crammed and are used for relaxation, e-games, reading. But privacy is high and beds are mare very often

– In China, bedrooms are often multifunctional, rather public, used for working, e-games but not at all for romance.
– In Hong Kong, the bedroom is very public, crammed and treated as a personal oasis
– In Malaysia, the bedroom scores lowest as “an island of romanticism” and Malaysians rarely make their beds daily.