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Ever wonder if flowers have any meanings, whether you are sending them or receiving them? Well they do. It’s interesting that sending flowers or receiving flowers bring a huge meaning in one occasion or in one’s life.

When sending flowers, one can add to the symbolism and the enjoyment by choosing the flowers according to their special meanings. Flowers come in variety of colors, shapes and textures with unique meanings that can be found during any season.

Below is the list of some of the popular flowers which one sends or receives and it’s significant meanings.

Carnation – Fascination; Womanly love; Devoted love
Carnation (Red) – Admiration ; My heart aches for you
Carnation (Pink) – Woman’s love; I’ll never forget you
Carnation (Striped) – Sorry I can’t be with you; No; Refusal; Wish I could be with you
Carnation (White) – Innocence; Sweet and lovely; Pure love; Woman’s good luck gift; You’re adorable
Carnation (Yellow) – Rejection; You have disappointed me
Chrysanthemum – You’re a wonderful friend; Rest; Lovliness; Abundance; Wealth
Chrysanthemum (Red) – Love
Chrysanthemum (Yellow) – Slighted love
Chrysanthemum (White) – Truth
Daffodil – You’re the only one; Respect
Daisy – Purity; Innocence; Loyal Love
Dandelion – Happiness and Devotion
Forget-Me-Not – True Love; Undying hope; Memories
Hibiscus – Delicate 
Lily (Tiger) – Wealth; Pride; Prosperity
Lily (White) – Purity 
Lily (Yellow) – Gratefulness 
Orchid – Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful lady; Flower of magnificence
Rose (Pink) – Perfect happiness; Gentility; Grace; Please believe me
Rose (Deep Pink) – Thank you
Rose (Light Pink) – Admiration
Rose (Yellow) – Friendship; Joy and happiness; Jealousy; Trying to care; Gladness
Rose (White) – Innocence; Purity; Heavenly; Secrecy; Silence; Charm
Rose (Peach / Coral) – Enthusiasm; Desire
Rose (Orange) – Enthusiasm; Desire
Roses (Red & White) – Unity
Sunflower – Adoration; Pride; Sunshine
Tulip – Good Luck
Tulip (Red) – I Love You