Zhang Ziyi is one of China’s hottest movie stars and right now, she could pick any role she wanted. Hollywood producers are falling over themselves to entice the Beijing-born actress to star in major US productions.


Zhang first burst into the international film scene with her role in Ang Lee’s acclaimed martial arts adventure Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and is now hot property in Hollywood after a series of blockbuster films. The success of last year’s Memoirs of a Geisha, gave her another huge boost of confidence of acting in Hollywood. What would interest the young, cool and beautiful woman now would be playing a wild America girl. She wants to play an American teen, a very modern, typical American girl with a very rebellious character.

Despite her meteoric rise, Zhang, 27, said her ultimate dream is actually to enjoy a simple family and is even willing to give up acting for her “Mr.Right”. To her, acting was never really a dream for her. Perhaps, a small family, a beautiful house and a few dogs and kids are more valuable compare to the glorious memories in Hollywood.