george_clooney.jpgGeorge Clooney is the No. 1 man’s man, according to a list compiled by A nomination was done by the site for the best representatives of male gender and then followed by voting. Voters were asked to look for traits such as integrity, charisma and intelligence. The votes then reveals that George Clooney is the favourite man.

The list then followed by Rap mogul Jay-Z, adventurer-entrepreneur Richard Branson, cyclist Lance Armstrong and designer Tom Ford in the rest of the top five, in order.

Bill Clinton ranked 10th and Tiger Woods 13th. Actor Denzel Washington was 14th, Travel-show host Anthony Bourdain was 19th on the list. Jude Law was 21st and famous chef, Jamie Oliver was in 23th. Rocker Bono was 27th, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was 29th and director Martin Scorsese was 46th. “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven ranked 49th.