Supermodel Karolina Kurkova looks stunning in the bra every woman wants for Christmas – a snip at £3.5million ($6.5m).

The super-expensive ‘Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra’ was crafted by lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret and is made up of 2,000 flawless diamonds embroidered onto the underwear. At the centre is a massive 10-carat diamond brooch. And although it weighs more than 800 carats it is much more comfortable than past Victoria’s Secret ‘Fantasy Bras,’ according to Czech stunner Kurkova.

“It’s very sexy and very comfortable, and it doesn’t dig in,” said the star. The new bra appears in the 2006 Victoria’s Secret Christmas Dreams and Fantasies catalog.

Kurkova adds: “If someone ever does [buy it], I would really like to meet them.”