Sony Pictures has released a series of Spiderman3 wallpapers for PC, PSP and mobile phone. Among the wallpapers, one of it features the Venom, the arch-enemy of Spider-Man and a Marvel Comics supervillain and anti-hero, who born as a result of symbiosis between an alien life-form known as symbiote and and a living, biological host Eddie Brock, a former Daily Globe reports. In Spider-Man3, Venom (Eddie Brock Jr) is acted by Topher Grace.

Spiderman 3 Venom

Also revealed in the Spider Man 3 wallpapers are Spiderman in black suite costume. In comic book series, Spider-Man was bonding to the sentient alien symbiote which depicting as black liquid when he was searching for new costume suite after daming his blue-and-red costume in combat in alien plant, at Secret Wars series. Symbiote covers Spider Man body, and forms a new black suite for Spider-man.

Black Spiderman Costume

The last of the wallpapers released can be found here, most likely also the Spider-Man in black suite, together with the Spiderman3 teaser trailer.