Jacky Chan Only One Sexy Movie

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An earlier movie of 70s called All In The Family <花飞满城春> has gaining a lot of interests among torrent sites. Guess why? Is that actor look familiar?

Jacky Chan In Porn Movie

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London Ban Stick-thin Model

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Organisers of London Fashion Week, begins at the Natural History Museum in west London on Monday, are under pressure to follow Spain’s example by banning excessively skinny models from the catwalk. Pasarela Cibeles in Madrid, also due to start Monday, slaps a minimum body mass or height-weight ratio of 18 on participants.

Skinny Stick-thin modelSkinny Stick-thin modelSkinny Stick-thin model

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A Song That Tells About Bra Size

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How a women actually determine their bra size?

Have a look on this video click. You May find something.

Find more on basic step to determine the bra size.

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New online fashion portal

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There is a new online shopping portal in the market, http://www.yesstyle.com, launched last July by a leading Hong Kong based online retailer, yesasia.com. It’s based in Hong Kong and is set to attract young Internet savvy women around the world to shopping online.

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Why Do People Have Affairs?

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One may think that people should be capable of making clear-cut decisions when faced with the temptation of an affair. Are people who have affairs just immature and selfish, or, are affairs of the heart just more complex in reality?Despite the hurt, betrayal and fury that affairs can cause – think back to movies you’ve seen such as Fatal Attraction or Unfaithful – and you’ll see why the reasons for having them are many and various.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

Dissatisfaction – not happy with the marriage or relationship, lack of happiness, of a sense of fulfilment within the relationship

• A wish to experience sexual variety

Angerfelt towards the partner, with a need, whether recognised or not, to hurt the partner

• Some say their intention was to make their partner jealous, though it is seldom clear how this would be expected to have any desirable outcome for either of them

• An unwillingness to resist any new opportunity for emotional or sexual involvement. This is sometimes given the profitable but bogus diagnosis of sex addiction, though it is not at all an addictive process or responsive to normal treatments for addictions. Sex addiction is an excuse for not choosing to exercise self-restraint. Throughout life we are faced with tempting opportunities for brief enjoyment at a total cost that makes it foolish to indulge in them.

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Korean chick in UK Arena

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rp0915.jpgKim Yun-jin, whose stock has seen a sharp upward trend ever since she was cast on the hit series “Lost,” graces the covers of two big-name magazines from the U.K. and the U.S. The first Korean to appear on the cover of TV Guide, one of the U.S.’s most highly-circulated magazines, in the late August edition, she is also featured on the cover of the September-October edition of Golf for Women (U.S.) and the October edition of the English men’s monthly Arena. There, she not only appears on the cover but is also featured in a sexy six-page spread on the inside.

Appearing in a black tank-top and hot pants, Kim shows off her copper-tone skin as she flaunts her down-home sexiness. This is a departure from the innocent and sophisticated image of her character in “Lost”, which has now picked up a worldwide audience. The pictures were taken in a Los Angeles studio by fashion photographer Nino Munoz.

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The Banquet <夜宴>

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The Banquet <夜宴>, this movie going to release in Singapore & China on 15th September 2006 & Korea on 21st September 2006.

Starring: Ziyi Zhang, Ge You, Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun
Directed by: Feng Xiao Gang

The Banquet, historical drama. Is a loose, lavish transposition of Shakespeare’s Hamlet to China circa in the period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. A falling empire, the Emperor, the Empress, the Crown Prince, the Princess, the Minister and the General all have their own quests for the ultimate power. Zhang Ziyi plays the widowed Empress, who marries the new Emperor (Ge You) only to protect herself, but also secretly plots his death with the help of the Crown Prince (Daniel Wu) and the Chief Minister (Ma Jingwu). The Empress set up a secret coalition with the Princess and the Minister in attempt to take the throne for the Crown Prince, but her real goal is to take the power for herself, and the Crown Prince wants to use the Empress’ plan for his own quest for the throne. The conflicts finally erupt at a night banquet, at which the Empress starts executing her plan of killing the Emperor and the Crown Prince takes the opportunity to finish off his own enemies.

Find more on the "Making Of" video click and related photo. 

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