An earlier movie of 70s called All In The Family <花飞满城春> has gaining a lot of interests among torrent sites. Guess why? Is that actor look familiar?

Jacky Chan In Porn Movie

They claimed that action movie superstar and Asia Ambassador Jacky Chan was one of the main players in this black and white “yellow” movie filmed at 1975! Other key players included Sak Kien and Hong Kam Poo. Jacky was better known as Wong Yuan Long while he started playing movies at that time.

Jacky Chan In Porn MovieJacky Chan In Porn Movie

Jacky is well known in playing all the stunts on himself without getting stuntman to represent him in all of his movies. So as in this, and perhaps his only one, porn movie where he had some great and exciting “action” with the main actress Mee Lan, who was well known porn star at that time.