Phantasy Star Universe
Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) is a hack and slash role-playing MMORPG video game by Sega’s Sonic Team for the PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, playable in multiplayer online mode and single-player offline mode. Phantasy Star Universe is similar to the Phantasy Star Online (PSO) games, with the exception that PSU takes place in different fictional universe and has many new features. Shortly after the launch of PSU, massive interest and players registration overloaded the online mode servers and crashed the servers forced it to shut down.

Phantasy Star Universe trailer released on E3 2006 for preview into the features of the game.

Teaser trailer of Phantasy Start Universe (PSU) released on E3 2004

Phantasy Star Universe movie (in Japanese) which introduces the races, world and characters in Phantasy Star Universe.

Phantasy Star Universe main theme song music video.

Another trailer with introduction to features and game play of Phantasy Star Universe PSU.

New trailer released for PSU.

Well, if you want to watch the PSU trailer in Japanese, here is it: