This is the first photo that appears in the Ikea 2007 catalogue, on a a two-page front-cover foldout, which shows a young family lounging on a bed with a dog, probably a greyhound or whippet.

Ikea Dog

Can you see anything in the photo other than the furniture that Ikea famous for? The photo shows a well-endowed male greyhound with a larger-than-normal, human-like appendage which seems to have one distinctly human male characteristic, and that’s human-sized penis.

Still unable to find where is it? Well, don’t look at the photo below at work or with children.

Ikea Dog

Wondering why such a photo can appear on the new Ikea catalogue without proper checking? There is suggestion that the image had been altered by a disgruntled and mischievous employee using a program such as Photoshop to include the “Swedish Sausage”, as dubbed by a blogger.

However, Ikea has denied that the “unfortunate” photo had been tampered with and said that the appendage in question is in fact the dog’s leg that “has an unfortunate resemblance to something else.”

IKEA Canada public relations manager Madeleine Frick said “It is an uncanny likeness”, while Ikea Sweden spokeswoman Eva Stal said that “It really is just a dog with its leg on the couch – nothing else.”