Kurara Chibana is the Miss Universe Japan 2006 and represented Japan in Miss Universe 2006 pageant in Los Angeles. Sexy Kurara Chibana won the best national costume award for her samurai warrior in high heels with sword outfit and also won the first runner-up for Miss Universe 2006. She is the best performing Japanese in Miss Universe pageant since 1959. Throughout the pageant, Kurara Chibana had shown high confidence, energetic, healthy, x-factor, intelligent, charisma, sharp and always pretty. The fact that Kurara Chibana is not crowned Miss Universe may be due to the fact of the Miss Universe tradition that leans in favour towards Latin America.

Kurara ChibanaKurara Chibana

Here is the consolidated version of video clip featuring Kurara Chibana during the Miss Universe 2006 contest in Los Angeles. The video include footage from the preliminary competition for Miss Universe 2006 where Kurara Chibana wore the eye-popping samurai national costume with high heels, thus earning her the dubbing of ‘Miss Universe in ninja high heels’. Also include is Kurara Chibana in evening gown, swimsuit and bikini.

Kurara Chibana had previously won the crown of Miss Universe Japan 2006 and in the following video clip Kurara Chibana can be seen in swimsuit bikini and evening gown during the Japan pageant competition, with interview with Mika Kano, guest celebrity judge and of course Kurara Chibana herself. The interview in Japanese though.

The video clip below is the pre-pageant kick off party for Miss Universe Japan 2006 where the finalists became the models to the bathing suits and bikinis. Kurara Chibana, who went on to become Miss Universe Japan, was one of them.