Criss Angel has long been a controversial magician, illusionist and escapologist that perform various incredible magic performances such as Walk on Water and Levitation magic feats, as featured on Criss Angel Mindfreak distributed by A&E Network.

Criss Angel Mindfreak debuted in 2005, and showcases unusual stunts and street magic acts by illusionist Criss Angel. And many viewers and critics allege that Angel uses camera special effects, post-production effects, forced viewing angles, and assistants acting as amazed spectators for the TV audience. Whatsoever, the magic shows by Criss Angel proved to be entertaining, and Mindfreak now enter season 2.

However, there are some episodes that never been released and never been aired on TV or DVD set due to highly controversial magic acts and stunts. These are Bullet Catch and Mental Roulette. Video clip below is the magic of Mental Roulette, where Criss Angel mentally predicting, by using hellstromism, whether or not each chamber of a six-shooter revolver pointed at his head is loaded with the only bullet available, before instructing his good friend Jonathan Davis whether or not to pull the trigger and shoot at his head, risking his life on the ultimate game of chance similar to Russian Roulette.