Do you know that which month has more mattresses sold than any other months? According to International Sleep Products Association, the answer is August. August seen more mattresses been sold than other months because August is a transitional month, when people marry, move to new homes or post-graduation/off-campus apartments, and need new places to sleep.

Sleeping on Bed

The fact is published by Philadelphia Inquirer, which also offers guide and advice and things to lookout for when you plan to buy or purchase a mattress. A right mattress is also an important element other than the bed to ensure a good night sleep and a sweet dream.

The advise and guide include:

  • A healthy sleeper moves 40 to 60 times a night including some full body turns, so a mattress needs to have plenty of room for such a movement. Consider a mattress with coils that are individually encased in fabric pockets to reduce eliminate the transfer of motion.
  • Make sure the size of mattress is adequate. Industry defines the size of bed as twin (39 inches wide by 75 long; add 5 inches for extra-long), full (54 inches by 75 inches), queen (60 inches by 80 inches), king (76 inches by 80 inches), and California king (72 inches by 84 inches).
  • Test the mattress first before buying to get the feel of comfort.
  • Ask what is the material used to make the mattress and its quality.
  • Shop for the best value from a reputable retailer.
  • Turn the mattress monthly for the first three months after purchase, thereafter, every 90 days. Rotate the box spring twice a year