Criss Angel has performed numerous levitation magic tricks, that is as if Criss Angle levitate by flying up and floats on the sky, without any supporting device, special equipment or setups (such as wires). On Criss Angel Mindfreaks Levitation episode video below, he uses his self-proclaimed telekinesis to levitate a volunteer 4 feet in the air before a perplexed street audience (most likely are the author in the magic tricks), and performs numerous levitation of himself.

The Criss Angel Levitation video is about 22 minutes long, so here’s the compilaton of some levitation magic tricks performed by Criss Angel.

What’s the secret of the levitation magic trick? How Criss Angel levitate himself? Now you get to the secret of levitation and how Criss Angle performs the levitation when he reveals the trick.

Basically, for this methond of levitation magic trick, the magician stands in front of a step-up object such as chair or staircase and faces audience with his back. Before that, the magician will modify his pant so that there is an opening that allows one leg to exit from the pant to step on the object, while that sleeve pant is supported or pinned to another sleeve for another leg. When the magic begins, the exited foot simply push up the body of magician so that there is a gap between the feet (including the ‘fake’ leg) with the floor as if magician has levitated.

For more difficult levitation magic stunt, such as levitation on the open space, open ground or open area, and Criss Angel levitates to a rather high altitude, it involves video tricks that audience are part of the magic and magician are supported by wire, as explained in the following video.

NB: This post has been republished from My Digital Life post about Criss Angel.