Samsung Jet: Smarter than a Smartphone

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Samsung has officially unveiled the next era smartphone, Samsung Jet.

The new Samsung Jet supports the latest smartphone features which include multi-task manager and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, bringing user-friendly menu navigations in a sleek and compact design.


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Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses

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Calvin Klein had released its latest new sunglasses that come with 4GB USB drive. The USB drive is hidden in the right arm which will let you to store personal info and at the same time to protect your eyes from UV rays. The arm can be detached and plugged into your PC or MAC to retrieve data.

The Calvin Klein USB sunglasses will be available in stores by this October at USD$199.00. It’s just in time for the Summer to be long gone!

July 7 bombings memorial unveiled in Hyde Park

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This is the stunning £1million memorial unveiled today to commemorate the victims of the 7/7 terrorist bombings.


Relatives of the 52 victims of the July 7 bombings have marked the fourth anniversary of the attacks with the unveiling of a memorial commemorating their loved ones in Hyde Park.

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Yamaha’s Wearable Motorcycle

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This is a very cool product from Yamaha, the Deus Ex Machina Wearable Motorcycle. As describe by its name, it is a motorcycle, which you don’t ride it but wear it. This device was designed by a transportation designer Jake Loniak.

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Creative Double Decker Sofa Bed

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I have seen a lot of sofa beds because I am looking for one for my guest room. But I have never expected a sofa that can transform to a double deck bed until I see these sofas from BonBon Trading.

I believe it is not a new invention and it looks nothing special in the general appearance but this is the most practical sofa bed that I have seen.

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Swimming Mask With Integrated Digital Camera

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With this digital camera swimming mask, you don’t need to carry an underwater camera anymore if you want to capture the nice pictures while snorkeling up to depths of 15 feet. This swimming mask has a built in 5 megapixels camera, mounted on the mask near your forehead.

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NEC New ShieldPRO Notebook Can Be Used Anywhere

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NEC is not emphasizing the look of ShieldPRO FC-N22A Tablet PC, but they just want you to have a notebook that can be used at tough workplace. This 12.1″ notebook is able to function perfectly well in cold to hot environment from -20 to over 50 degrees Celsius.

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