Rachel McAdams’ Open Front Dress

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Rachel McAdams certainly turned heads at the premiere for her new film The Time Travellers Wife by wearing a white open fronted dress that left little to the imagination.

The actress hit the red carpet in the fitted white mini dress with an ultra plunging neckline- revealing her pale skin and skinny chest.

Although we love Rachel’s red hair and pale skin look, we’re not too sure whether a white dress is the best way to show it off.

The daring cut of the dress is a brave look but it does highlight her very tiny frame and is in danger of making Rachel look too thin.

What do you guys think? Do you like Rachel’s look?

How to be safe on a public computer?

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Sometimes we may need to use public computers at internet cafes, libraries, airports or railway stations. Travelers without their own internet-enabled devices have no other option but to access internet via public computers for emergency needs like checking emails. Even some users who have their own broadband internet connection have an occasional habit of going online in a public place using the systems available in these areas. But, how far these public computers ensure our privacy, security and protection of personal data when we use them to go online? Do the system administrators of public computers really care about these things? Most of them do, ofcourse. However, for ensuring 100% safety, we, as users, should put in use some important security measures when we use public computers to surf the net.

Why internet access on public computers can be risky?

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Pig Lamp With Light Up Curly Tail

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The piggy bank shape of this lamp is very appropriate for its use of energy saving bulbs. The lamp pretty much demands that you use the fluorescent bulb since your average incandescent bulb would just look plain silly. Although, to be honest, it looks more like a giant tooth with some bizarre, curly growth sticking out of it. This product is cost about $90.

Hippo Foot Massager

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Farting Hippo, the premier source for all of your hippo-related needs, is offering you the once in a lifetime opportunity to own this unique foot massager. It features two speed settings, a fleece covering for warmth and a remote control. Its cost about £25 or $41.

Limited edition Rilakumma netbook

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Great news for Rilakumma fans! Rilakumma is a Japanese cartoon character. Bandai Namco, a toy company has launched a new limited edition netbook. It comes with a cute yellow carrying case, too, and a slew of Rilakkuma wallpapers, games, and features. It’s cost about $800 and has 1 gig of memory, an Atom processor, Windows XP, and five hours of battery life.

Alessi Daytimer OLED Watch

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Designed by renowned architect Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini. The Daytimer watch features a high-contrast blue OLED digital display, framed by a bold geometric polyurethane case.

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Mallika Sherawat is Very Transparent at “Inglourious Basterds” Premiere

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Mallika Sherawat is very transparent at Inglourious Basterds’ premiere. Sherawat had on a very transparent black dress. Sexy or not? Let’s you be the judge. You’ve never heard od Sherawat? She’s a 27-year-old Bollywood actress whose known for her boldness and known by the Indian media as a sex symbol.


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