It is a common practice to “test drive” when you are buying a car but the car dealers normally allow their potential buyers to drive for few kilometers only. However, in Australia, a legitimate gentleman “test drive” a new car for five days and drove 6,200 kilometers (3,850 miles).

The Australian man Tam Thai Luu, 30, took off the Honda Accord sedan from a car dealer in the southeastern city of Melbourne but its salesman could not get in the passenger seat before he took off.

The car dealer Ian McKenzie said: “He’s got to have been in the car nearly all day, every day,” he said, “Fortunately he hasn’t damaged the car at all, he has just done a lot of miles on it. These are things we have to put up with as car dealers, I suppose.”

The car dealer plans to slash down the price of the new Honda Accord due to the mileage during “test drive”. Ian McKenzie said, “We’ll give a dollar off for every kilometer it’s got on it.”

The man has been arrested and charged with aggravated unlawful use of a motor vehicle and unlawful possession of property.