Mitsubishi adopted improved contrast Diamond Panel with full HD capable LCD TV ‘Real’ series new models of 52MZW100, 46MZW100 and 40MZW100. The expected selling price is USD 5000 and 4000 and 3000 dollars respectively.

The ‘Real’ series is combining three technologies of Slim Frame Design, Diamond Panel and DIATONE Surround into one.

Diamond Panel

Digital Image Signal – Image Circuit (Original) – New Liquid Crystal Display


It is a new independent panel of glossy treatment ‘Diamond Panel’ display by means of high definition LCD TV circuit of ‘Diamond Engine PROII’ which is a speed function picture by employing 120 scans per second to relieve the afterimage for higher tone processing colourful and detail images, just like the cinema image faithfully reproduced.

DIATONE Surround

DiATONE is a concentrating acoustic technology with buit-in 5.1 surround sound speakers and headphone to enjoy surround effect to where the sound reproduction is from standalone powerful ‘Real’ TV. The feeling is special just like on seat of the cinema while being at home.

Slim Frame Design
sfd1aIts compact frame width thinnest of 25.2 to 29.5mm feature makes the picture prominent and raises the immersion impression to the image, just like the cinema effect of which the picture practically comes alive in every viewing angle.

MZW common specification:
Resolution: 1,920×1,080 pixel
Contrast: 3,000: 1
Angle of visibility: Up and down left and right 178 degrees
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Interface: HDMI×2/D4×2/ digital sound /Ethernet and the like
Speaker output: 10W×2