Jiang Yiyan(江一燕)
jix2aThe new film Delicacies Poison(双食記) announced in a press conference held in Shanghai, attended by director Zhao TianYu(趙天宇) and actress Jiang Yiyan(江一燕).

Delicacies Poison(双食記) is a suspense film about a married couples, mistress depicting love and hate. Hong Kong chameleon actor, Francis Ng Chun Yu (呉鎮宇) and last year’s Berlin International Film Festival prize winner of “Tuya Marriage” beautiful actress, Yu Nan(余男) plays husband and wife. The mistress plays by Jiang Yiyan casts in the role of flight attendant.

It is particularly noteworthy that, Avex China’s new artist comer, Jiang Yiyan and Francis Ng Chun Yu in the passionate bed scene. This is Jiang Yiyan experienced her first scene of intimacy and passion.

The gruesome end to welcome this movie is when the man took mistress home in the cooking of deadly delicacies with his wife.

Delicacies Poison(双食記)