Li Bing Bing
ibb1aThe film, The Children of Huang Shi(黄石的孩子) theme song, Distant Love(遥遠的愛) launched a publicity event in Beijing to promote the music for the film and was attended by actress turned singer Li Bing Bing(李冰冰) .

The Children of Huang Shi(黄石的孩子) depicts Nanjing’s war battles during World War II in China with co-production from Austria and Germany. It was directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starring ‘Velvet Goldmine’, well known British actor Jonathan Myers, Chow Yun Fat(周潤發), Michelle Yeoh(楊紫瓊). This is a continuation challenge from her previous LingerTrailer, Flying Butterfly(胡蝶飛) theme song. The show premiere will be held on March,31st in the Huangshi Sports Centre, Huangshi City, Hubei Province and officially release date in US will be on May,23rd.

Li Bing Bing had become a full fledged singer ever since made a debut of her career ten years ago. When offering of the theme song came, she immediately agreed on the spot. “I am very happy to co-star with Chow Yun Fat in this true story film making,” She said. “The opportunity to work with Chow Yun Fat is a dream comes true.” The date of release in Hong Kong will be on March,3rd.

Check it out The Children of Huang Shi(黄石的孩子) theme song music video.