The latest news had the upper Hong Kong society involvement for a new mega star actress had been found in the photos of Edison’s recent PC submitted to police investigation of the obscene photos sex scandal.

According to the report, the photos shot were of two successful actresses. Both are 40 years of age too and in entertainment circle for more than 20 years. Not only they are especially notable in their coveted beauty and acting skills but they also have great influences in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Each actress has close to 10 frames of photos as well as video. The actresses are in the Hong Kong entertainment “Queen”(女王) class – finest actress status and also engaging successfully in business, and boyfriend is very widely known actor abroad. One of them was shot in a hotel room with about 20 photos and videos. They are known to be successful prominent former actresses with great beauty.

Two of them speculated in local media are , Carina Lau(劉嘉玲)and Christy Chung(鍾麗缇). The decree of killing death note has since been issued to Edison Chen for both of the actresses are expected to have presence of large racket organization backing them, posing increasing danger at large.