The Hollywood sexiest couple “Bradgelina” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been named “Couple of the Year 2007” by Us Weekly.

Us Weekly said they were picked because America couldn’t stop watching Jolie, 32, and Pitt, 44, as they juggled two hot careers and went from three kids to four.

“Then, there’s the pair’s endless humanitarian work: Jolie recently supported her man in New Orleans as he announced plans to build 150 more home there by next summer,” said Us Weekly.

The couple who ranked second after “Bradgelina” was “Tomkat”, Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes. Us Weekly said: “Though naysayers thought it wouldn’t last, the couple continue to radiate, especially at the sight of little Suri, 20 months.”

The “Couple Of The Year” was appeared on the cover of Us Weekly again. Can’t tell how many times they have been the cover couple but they deserve to be the Couple of the Year.