An unofficial version of video of the 25-year-old star Britney Spears who was wearing ripped fishnet stockings, black short and a black jacket in a bar writhes around a pole for her single Gimme More, has been posted on YouTube.

Britney’s hair was died black in the video clip; she was doing pole dancing with two blonde sexy dancers. The director of the project was a first-time director Jake Sarfaty who took two days for the video shot. The stripper video of Britney was said to be the entirely Britney’s “concept and her vision”.

From the forums on internet, some net surfers were commenting the troubled star did very well in the video as stripper if compared to her performance on MTV Video Music Awards last month, it was a great improvement of Britney Spears.

But I can’t comment much because I have no time to see her performance in the video clip.