The bad news is – Lucas Tse’s photos have been removed from Liza Wang’s blog. And the good news is – I am fast enough to download ALL the seven photos and post in the article below.

The godmother of Nicolas Tse, Lisa Wang was the one who revealed the photos of Cecilia Cheung and Nicolas Tse’s first son, Lucas. As the god-grandmother of Lucas, she was one of the invited guests to Lucas’ full-moon (full-month) birthday celebration party on Sept. 13, 2007, which was kept mystery and low profile by Tse’s family in order to escape from paparazzi.


The couple has been trying their best to prevent the photos of Lucas to expose. However, Liza Wang had posted seven photos which she snapped during the party on her blog, According to Liza Wang, she used to upload photos on her blog to share with everyone for every activity she attended. But she didn’t realized that it had caused inconvenient to Tse’s family.


However, Liza had removed all Lucas photos from her blog. If you go to now, a message prompts: “Photos of Cecilia Cheung and Nicolas Tse’s son have been removed,” before you go to the homepage.

As you can see from the photos, Lucas Tse is a cute baby boy. Enjoy the photos snapped by Liza during Lucas’ birthday party.