American Idol judge, Simon Cowell said that Britney could have killed her career after her disgraceful performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

Simon Cowell told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “If I had been looking after Britney I’d have taken one look at her in rehearsals and I wouldn’t have allowed her on the stage.


“The song wasn’t right, the image wasn’t right and she just wasn’t rehearsed. If she’d turned up and given that performance on ‘The X Factor’ auditions I wouldn’t have put her through to the next round,” he added.

“The problem she has now is that she could have killed her career. It’s difficult to come back from that performance, for a while at least.”

The 25-year-old mother-of-two singer performed the opening act for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) with her lip-syncing routine of new single ‘Gimme More’. This could be the worst performance of Britney Spears but she did garner media interest because everyone was talking about her on the following days.