How about seeing a sexually provocative teacher gyrating on the table while the student was gurgling and lip smacking into a high gain microphone in a commercial promoting a new burger? Check it out.

Hardee burger fast food chain has done it again but this time the ad is meant for its flat buns Patty melt burger features a sexy teacher making provocative moves in front of the class, a group of young men which is their target audience. While acknowledging the ad is only a spoof but it has since caused much controversy amongst education association for it is demeaning to the teachers as well as selling the burgers ad in a tasteless way.

The video shows an ad shot for Hardees owned Carl’s Jr.’ new Patty Melt burger.

Flat Buns Carl’s Jr. Commercial
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Though the commercial is funny in a goofy way but pretty forgettable but the only concern is education needs to be respected.